Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Words #001

"We come to love NOT by finding a PERFECT person,but by LEARNING to see an imperfect person PERFECTLY"

I do love this quote, by Kak Meen.
I adore how her other half treat and carry their relationship in a very beautiful way.
 Inshaallah Kak Meen akan jumpa her other half in heaven. :)


meenyusuf said...

tq kan that quote..sebab nobody's,its important to accept segala imperfection orang itu..

CNK said...

yepp kak meen. bukan semuanya perfect. the most important ikhlas..ikhlass.... itu yang penting. tp jgnlah kena yang jahat n kaki tipu pun kite nak senyap kan. hihih. berpatutan lah jugak. give and take giteww... :)

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