Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They inspired me a LOT.


Just a quick update:

Buttonmybuttons and Arma Couture really make me miserable. Keep thinking and counting on it. Never stop. Until I have made my final decision on it. sigh! The design, the theme color, the cuttings all are so gorgeous, and they have their own look! LOVE it! As if i have bundles of $$.... "so.. in my dream".

For the time being, this 2 designers are on top of my wishlist. Sangat adore with their creativity and style.
*ada masa yang indah, aku kasi angkat naik gambar disini.terima kasih.*

"sweettt dreammm... lalalala"

The Arma Boutique n Couture 

 Picture 1

  Picture 2
alahai... sweetnye color ni. Mcm x sesuai je dgn aku yang ganaz.

  Picture 3
design n cutting ni mmg idaman kalbuku.

  Picture 4
sweet kan? simple yet gorge!

  Picture 5
elegant look :)

  Picture 6

  Picture 7
soft n sweet.
imagine i dalam picture kat atas ni.
drooling kau! 

  Picture 8 

  Picture 9

 Picture 10
niceee :)

*akan kasi angkat masuk sini kendian.terima kasih.*

tetibe rase nak mam pizza with 7 cheeses on top! super yummeeehh! CLICK HERE NOW babeh!

ok. so out of topic. berminat dengan pizza? sila "click here" seperti arahan diatas. klu tak sila ke right end lappy anda and click pangkah. terima kasih. *eh! garangnye!*

p/s: what color of theme perfectly suit me? emmm. "wondering"


roJakHangiT said...

mule2 nk vote tok pict 5..pastu skrol ke bwh..nk vote tok6..pastu 7..pastu 8..pastu 9..pastu 10..smua2 nyer sgt cannntekkk!!

CNK said...

kan! tau xpe. sgt cun semuanya. mana aku tak die-die tgk weh... yg tu arma punya design n air tgn die... nnti aku letak yg bmb pulaks... :) tq kenit for your voting. kweng...kweng...kwengg... ;p

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