Friday, January 13, 2012

Colour themes 2012

Wedding Themes

One of the very first wedding planning decisions is that of your colour theme. Without it you won't know where to start with bridesmaid dresses, flowers, invitations and entire Reception look. Here are the hot choices for 2012.

Sage GreenAlso grouped in with Olive or Khaki Green. This colour adds a touch of finesse to a wedding colour scheme. An easily sourced colour that is classy enough to last the test of wedding album time. A brown or beige or ivory accent a must have with this colour combination.

Orange Pink and Green
This may seem an odd mixture when you first read these colours, and although it is a bold statement, when these colours are combined right they create a striking impact on any wedding reception.

Baby Blue and silverThe dainty colour of baby blue is a light and refreshing pastel colour perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and when teamed together with silver the whole look will have that extra shine and dazzle.

Yellow continues to wow as a popular wedding colour. Nature gives a helping hand by supplying so many british flowers as that colour so they won't be hard to source. 2012 will see yellow being mixed with orange or blue.

Black and White
Delightfully sophisticated, the black and white wedding theme is easy to achieve whilst giving dramatic results. Add some extra bling with silver accents if you wish to complete the spectacular look.

BurgundyPreviously out of favour to the brighter colour of Red, Burgundy is back with a vengance, and why not? It's timeless, classic and refined. It is a colour that works well on its own or indeed a dark purple.

Hot Pink

The colour that just keeps growing in popularity. There is no denying that Hot Pink brings the wow factor to any wedding. Often teamed with Black or indeed other bold colours, this shade is still going to be big in 2012.

Neutral tones
Due to certain celebrity weddings of 2011. Neutral tones are set to be big in 2012. Beiges, Ivory, the palest of pinks and peaches are all set to be a big hit with anyone planning a romantic or vintage feel to their wedding day.

Tiffany Blue
This particular shade of blue is still hot to trot in 2012. Cornfield Blue and Duck Egg Blue which are similar in shade are also set to be a top tip too.

Pure, crisp, cool. The white wedding scheme is going to be big news for 2012. Some will be having literally everything in white, while others will be adding some deep gem colours into the mix, but not so much that it distracts from the purity of the main look.

Dramatic and Vibrant. Purple can arrive in two specific shades, Red Purple, and Blue Purple. The Purple wedding theme continues to grow. Mix the different shades of Purple right or even add in some pink as your accent colour for a truly stunning wedding look.

Pale Pink and Silver
Pinks will always be a classic wedding colour. The charm of the pale pink look is dreamy and romantic and when accented with silver it will look charming yet stunning.


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cik_ah82 said...

nyah, aku suka giler kaler sage green tu!!napela time aku kawen kaler tu xmuncul lagik..muahahaha

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