Thursday, September 27, 2012

Super cool. Hehe.

The Beetle was on top of my header!

I think, Nuffnang was doing good work and quick too.

Apa tidaknya, last week I just blog about Vw event yang super owsem, sampai my husband and I dapat buat photo shoot sampai 7 keping. Printed ya. Hehe.


And the owsem part I can download the softcopy of those photo from the net! Yeay!
So here I share the link to those whom wanted to download your pix! J Super easy.


Just fill up the Unique ID - press ENTER.

Ok back to the story.

Last week I have blog about pre and after event have been held.
Pre event >> HERE
After event >> HERE

Ok, now enjoy the pics that I mention above.



Sediaaaa mula!

"Postcard" as per mention in the previous post.  :)
These are the hasil. teeheehehe
And I think this was the best shoot kot.

Ini yang I downloaded dari link yang I bg kat atas tu.
Super clear kan?
hurm.. tak sia-sia I pegi.. :p
Masa this event ni I rasa the little tiny dah wujud in my womb. :) See the buncitness of my perot.
LOL! malu i!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haaa dah agak dah ko preggy haha.. alhamdulillah.. taniah.. jage diri n kandungan ya.. selamat menjalani kisah hidup as a preggy mom ;)


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