Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updated: Volkswagen. Das Auto. Show 2012 is back!

Referring to my last post dated, Sept. 05, 2012. HERE. One big event from Volkswagen.
Belum sempat nak update apa-apa kan lepas dari event tu.
Sekali bukak email after long leave and outstations, one of my colleagues asked about the event. Sorry lah, siyesly mood malas nak update almost reached 90% sekarang nih. Bad me lah kan. :D

Dalam post tu aku ada mention which aku registered to enter for the 2nd day of the event (Sunday), morning session. Unluckily, we arrived just a few minutes late. Jadi kami terlepas the show which presented by them… Nak tunggu the next show pulak after 2 hours which on 1.p.m.
Memang tak lah nak tunggu kan.

Outside the hall.
Parts of old version Vw Beetle.

Outside the hall. Got one mini photobooth.
Both of us dapat chan 2 kali amik gambar. weehuu. :p

The crew gave two options either just proceed with the event have been scheduled (showroom cars), or wait for the next session of the show. So, we have been decided just proceed to see showroom cars.

Tak attend the show pun, tak de lah rugi mana. Pasalnya, they just performed a dance, and presents new product, The Beetle.

Inside the show hall.
They just finished the performance with the new Beetles.

The crew tak bagi daku amik gambar. Tapi apa masalahnya kan? No issue pon. So aku dulik apa kan. :p

Yang penting nak pegi this events just to see and get inform bout the cars kan. Kat dalam showroom ada many models and informations we can get. And furthermore, ada aktiviti yang best jugak. Hehe. Dimana saya and husband tak ketinggalan turut serta. Ceh! Bunyi macam menarik tertarik sangat je kan. Actually, they get some improvements in the way they conduct the event (Ni based on husband’s perceptions. Since he attended the last event.). Boring-boring tengok kete, boleh pegi kat photobooth get some pictures. Boleh jadi kenangan kan. So both of us getting excited u know! Haha. In total, there are 3 booths. 2 in a mini style, another considers big la. :p Kita boleh select which background do we interested. Adalah dalam 5-6 keping gambar kot both of us dapat kumpul. TeeHehehehe.

Pics, ehsan gugel.
Just wanted to show the lillipop and "postcard". Hehe. Sedap weh. :)

Once entered the door, they give us like a "postcard". And we need to get a stamp at each of every counter. Bila dah dapat sume stamp, boleh le redeems small goodies. Kitorg dapat pen 2 batang..

Oh! Not to forget, Volkswagen does supply drinks, and lollipops. So, dah habis air liur boleh teguk sebotol dua Spritzer Mineral Water (jadilah… dari takde kan.). :D At least SPRITZER, dibuatnya they supply Giant or Tesco, or Carefour DRINKING WATER brand kan ke sedih. :’p

The new Beetle is super owsem!

Serious say. The shape, the colors, is just perfect match. Body shape a bit lowered. Back body sekilas pandang macam Scirocco. Memang kecur lah tengok kan!

Bont*t The Beetle (Old version). (google)

Bont*t The Beetle. (google)

Bont*t Vw Scirocco. (google)

Almost the same right? Argh! i get melting. Kalau lah i ni CEO's mana-mana company, duit kepuk-kepuk dalam poket. *In my sweet dream* uhhlalala....

So how? interested to tes drive?
Boleh la p visit mana-mana authorised dealer or branch VW.


deehaa said...

scirocco mmg fav aku dari dulu.. cumanya 2 pintu jek unless kalo duit bnyk, blh la beli utk buat second car.. berangan haha.. tp kalo ko g uk, ko tgk volkswagen nmpk biase je even passat (peminat tegar passat n scirocco hihi).. kt sane ko akan lebih tertarik dgn BMW, honda n toyota.. design europe honda mmg marveles.. tertarik beb

Anonymous said...

This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

Puan NK said...

Diha - aku pun gila kan scirocco! body shape and engine yang superb buat aku kecur weh! tula, klo duit kepuk2 sure dah rembat sebijik. 2 doors baru sporty.. hihi.. yep! x dinafikan, honda somehow rather, lagi cun and engine pun super hot. esp design europe. honda civic type R europe model cun habis! uwwaaa.. again, klo duit banyakkkkkk..... *in sweet dream. :p LOL! BMW jgn cakap lah.. mmg tiptop. :p

Puan NK said...

Anon - Thank you for ur compliment. It just a short point of view of mine about the event. hehehe.

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